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Counseling Services

When you are having a lot of difficult thoughts and emotions, you might turn to family and friends for support and understanding.  Maybe they can help, but often times they do not really understand what you are experiencing or how to be there for you. Your anxiety will seem irrational to them, so you might hear, “just get over it.”  If only it were that easy.

I have thousands of client hours working with people struggling to understand and manage their anxiety and depression.  Often times when someone is experiencing these struggles, they might begin to think they are going crazy.  If this is you, I want you to hear this:  Most likely your body is responding the way it was designed to, given what has happened.  Anxiety, depression, PTSD all have roots in moments when we were alone, neglected, abused, sad, scared or worse; and no one was there to protect us or help us make sense of things.  It takes work, but you can get better.

If I come to Counseling, won’t I have to talk about and re-experience my pain?

Sometimes being able to tell your story and have someone help you make sense of what has happened is healing.  However, since the emotions you have in your body are the result of a chemical and neurological process, talking and talking and re-experiencing those emotions can also make them stronger.  There are options for therapies that are gentler and healing which do not require telling your story over and over again.  These therapies include Emotional Freedom Technique and Lifespan Integration Therapy.



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